Dysart Boxers

We both admired a beautiful brindle bitch - Irish Champion Benevenagh Stella, so when her breeder Tommy Sherrard had a litter from Stella's litter sister, Benevenagh Tryphena, we purchased a dog puppy, who we named 'Titus'

Benevenagh Liberator      Benevenagh Liberator

Sire: Benevenagh Superman

Dam: Benevenagh Tryphena

Titus was our first jointly owned Boxer, and he did very well as a youngster. He was our first Junior Warrant winner, and had many Best of Breed and Group Placings at open show level. He was very mischievous, and a friend from Scotland described him as 'a wee bogle'. He wasn't very big, and his other nickname was 'Wee T'. It was a matter of debate whether the 'T' was short for 'Titus' or 'Trouble'. When Punch died, Titus went to live with Jim's cousin Pearl, where he promptly transformed into 'a little angel'.

Seaforde Ribbons

Sire: Quibus v. Rustican of Wildax

Dam: Irish Champion Tirkane Takeover

We also bought a bitch puppy, however 'Donja' was found to have a PA suspect in her pedigree, so she could not be used for breeding. She is pictured here with her friends Titus and our 'lucky' ? black cat Dennis the Menace.

     Best of Friends

After this disappointment, we were delighted when Tommy Sherrard offered Titus' mother Phena to us, as he felt that he was getting too old to look after her

Benevenagh Tryphena      Benevenagh Tryphena

Sire: Champion Braxburn Cornelius

Dam: Benevenagh Ladybird

Phena was quite fat through lack of exercise when we got her, so we didn't worry too much when she lost a lot of weight, we thought she was fretting for Tommy. Tragically we discovered that she had cancer, and she had to be put to sleep just a few months after she came to live with us. We were devastated, we had come to love Phena very much in the short time she was with us.

Phena's death was more than an emotional blow for us: we had hoped she would be the new foundation for Dysart Boxers. Fortunately for us, a solution to our problem was just around the corner....

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